Alight Motion Old Version (All versions) Free Download 2024

Alight motion old version

Download the latest and alight motion old version, if you wish to use it. Then you can download all versions of the alight motion app here, and each one is guaranteed to work properly. Alight Motion is a wonderful video editing tool that allows you to edit professional-level photographs and videos.

Alight Motion, in its previous iteration, the video editing capabilities of Android smartphones have never been better than they are with this software. It has all premium features activated without charge. A free version of the Alight Motion app may be downloaded from the Play Store and is provided by Alight Creative. The Premium edition, on the other hand, enables access to all premium services, such as the asset store, social media apps, and many more. You will access a wide variety of the app’s premium features if you use the Alight Motion Pro Mod APK. Download the Alight Motion APK right now.

Alight Motion Old Version

The Android software known as Alight Motion is a video editor that gives users the ability to alter videos that are already on their device. Using this intuitive and well-organized user interface, you can quickly modify videos to your specifications in only a few minutes.

Within Alight Motion old version, the files that you want to modify can be dragged and dropped onto a timeline. This program provides a variety of timelines, including audio, video, and image timelines among its many other timelines. Editing is simplified as a result of this straightforward organization. In addition to being able to access all of the projects you have started from the main tab, you also have the ability to manage each one separately.

There is a large selection of functionality accessible, including the addition of transitions to mix clips and the modification of the image’s color. During post-production, you may make the process more enjoyable by adding animations and cool effects to the video you have already shot. Templates are also available to help streamline the editing process

With the help of this video editor, you’ll be able to extract the maximum value from the videos you’ve stored on your mobile device. By utilizing this strategy, you will be able to finish all of your work without the need to make extensive use of additional applications or have a great deal of prior knowledge. Because the data may be exported into such a wide variety of formats, there shouldn’t be any issues with compatibility.


  • Animations that are constructed using keyframes
  • Including additional images and graphics in the video.
  • There are more than one thousand premium fonts to choose from.
  • Making use of the various blending modes
  • There is no watermark
  • Making groupings and wearing disguises
  • Modification of the color
  • There are cameras that can zoom, pan, and fog, among other features.
Alight motion old version features


If you need to revert to an older version of the Alight Motion app, you can do so by browsing the program’s version history on Uptodown. All of the software’s file versions that may be downloaded from Uptodown are displayed. Alight Motion rollbacks are available for download for Android.

Android 6.0 or a later version (7.0 or higher is recommended for best performance)

To access the My Account screen, on the main screen of the application, tap the symbol that looks like a profile picture. You can sign in using any Google or Facebook account you already have, or you can use your email address. You can also sign in with Apple if that option is supported on the device you’re using.


Downloads of all previous and current versions of the Alight Motion are available for download here. You can get the older version of alight motion from this page if you enjoy using it. You can also get here the most recent and updated version if you want it.