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Alight motion

Some of the best features in mobile motion graphics apps can be found in Alight Motion, one of the first professional apps for smartphones. Visual effects, sophisticated animations, motion graphics, video compositing, and video editing are some of the primary functionalities that are included in the alight motion app. It provides its consumers with access to a diverse range of media designs and genres. Multiple-layer graphics, images and movies, a music library, a list of vector forms, a freehand drawing capability, and many other features are among them.

The user-customizable building block effects that Alight Motion offers to its customers play an important part in the video editing, image editing, and animation creation processes. Alight Motion offers more than one hundred different effects that may be customized, and each comes with its building block library. The user can construct professional and complicated visual effects with the assistance of these building block effects, which allows the user to take their creative abilities to the next level.

The characteristics of the Alight Motion

The features of an application for mobile devices play a far more significant role than any other aspect of the application. Therefore, Alight Motion offers all that is required for a user to create a professional-quality video. Because it is high-quality mobile software, Alight Motion guarantees that the functions it offers will assist the user in every situation in which they find it.

1. Graphics with Multiple Layers

Alight Motion is capable of rendering numerous layers of visuals and includes a video editor in addition to an audio editor.
This professional application assists with both vectors and bitmaps and provides support for both. Using this useful function, you can alter vector drawings with the convenience of your mobile device. You don’t necessarily need to use powerful PC software when you want to edit your films. You have the Motion of light!

Graphics with Multiple Layers

2. Visual effects

There are over a hundred different visual effects that can be changed, in addition to the building block effect that is already present. The color correction tool enables you to modify the color of a picture or video and create a new color, which gives the image or video a fresh appearance.

Visual effects alight motion

3. The animation key frames

There’s also a key frame animation feature, which is another essential component. This great function, Key Frame Animation, is accessible through various configurations.
Because there are now fluid motions that make animation simpler, you can now construct timing curves in a manner that may be customized. You can also get presets, giving you a better idea of how to animate the video, music, or image you are working on.

The animation key frames

4. Velocity-based motion

Movement determined by velocity The velocity-based motion blur function is another helpful feature made available by the Alight Motion Android App. Utilizing this powerful function will assist you with animating and editing a variety of motions, including speed, direction, and many more.

5. Create high-quality exports of your files

You are also given the ability to export MP4 files of high quality using the Alight Motion software, in addition to the ability to export GIF animations.

Create high quality exports of your files

6. The impact of the gradient fill

You will also be given gradient fill effects and solid colors to make the animation you made look even better than before.
A boundary for your animation or the video you edit or make provides the impression of being finished. Additionally, the shadow effects make the animation appear more realistic than it did previously. Adding a border to a photograph, for example, might make it look more polished. Therefore, the usefulness of this feature exceeds your expectations in a significant way.

7. Layers of Grouping

You can save the elements that have the most flawless appearance and are the favorites you have developed in the past so that you can reuse them while editing your subsequent photographs, films, or audios. This is yet another vital feature that Alight Motion brings to light. Utilizing the things you have developed will become much easier with the assistance of this function.
The user interface of Alight Motion is supposed to be highly straightforward and uncluttered. Drag-and-drop support allows the user to easily import files into the program. In addition, Alight Motion includes a separate timeline for all your editing tasks. The editing process will begin immediately as soon as you drag and drop a file onto the timeline.

Latest Feature updates

  • You will be given access to a brand new effect browser equipped with a search function and some additional presets.
  • The impact has been fine-tuned, such as more comprehensible numbers and labels.
  • It resolved a few problems and errors.
  • Because each effect has its own distinct and in-depth description, users will be encouraged to pay more attention to the effects they employ.
  • Audio resamples help reduce the amount of lagging that occurs.
  • Performance enhancements, as well as some minor bugs being fixed.
Latest Feature updates

Options for subscriptions

If you are merely interested in a straightforward video editing app that provides straightforward editing capabilities, you do not want a complicated one to satisfy your requirements. You need to get the free edition of the software if you want it to do the very minimum for you. If, on the other hand, you want to edit several movies using professional tools and produce endings of a high standard, you should select a subscription plan that is appropriate for your needs and comes with several different choices, features, and capabilities. Otherwise you can go for alight motion pro version with all premium features unlocked without any cost.


  • The interface is uncluttered, straightforward, and friendly to users.
  • Store previous items for reuse
  • Assistance with fluid animation
  • Excellent service for customers
  • Functions faultlessly across the board for all device platforms.


  • Problems with the Tiles and the Key Frames
  • Occasionally occurring bugs and crashes that interfere with editing processes
  • Freezing of the Tiles and the Key Frame
  • When editing audio, there are intermittent lags.
  • Sound file exporting might be time-consuming.


There is currently no official release of Alight Motion on the PC. To get Alight Motion on your Mac or Windows computer, you will need to use an emulator.

Alight Motion is a video editing application that will assist you in the production of animated videos of superior quality. Anyone wishing to give their videos a more polished and interesting appearance will benefit greatly from this tool.

It provide everyone with a free, basic version of Alight Motion, which can be downloaded and used without restriction.


Alight Motion is one of the most professional video editing applications available for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads. It is possible to produce videos with high-quality animations, which is why so many users have downloaded and installed this software on their mobile devices. Then, I guess that wraps things up. Installing it and using its wonderful features is all you need at this point.