Alight motion pc – Free Download (windows & mac) 2024

Alight motion pc

If you love to edit films and create animations on your personal computer (PC), but you don’t have enough storage space or processing power for all of those high-quality animations, I have some good news for you. This article will be fantastic news since we will explain how to download and install the Alight motion pro APK for pc.

What is Alight Motion PC?

Alight Motion PC is video editing and animation software that can be installed on any device running Windows 7,8,10 and is known for its ease of use as well as its power. You are able to produce stunning films and animations with the help of Alight Motion PC’s extensive feature set, which includes masking, green-screen effects (for more information regarding Effects, go here for Alight motion effects), and 3D animations, among other things.

The fact that Alight Motion PC is so simple to operate is unquestionably its strongest selling point. This program allows you to make stunning films and animations without requiring you to have any prior knowledge or experience in video editing or animation. All of its capabilities are straightforwardly accessible and straightforwardly usable because to the user-friendly interface that it employs. There’s a new update available for the Alight Motion app, and after installing it, your photographs and videos will no longer display a watermark.

Download Alight Motion Mod APK for pc

You’ve come to the correct site if you want to get Alight Motion Pro for Windows or Mac. Here, you’ll also be able to obtain the most recent version of the Alight Motion Pro APK for Windows. The methods needed to download Alight Motion Mod APK on PC and install it are outlined in the following paragraphs. Alight motion Mod APK may be found at this link for further details.

  • To install this program on your computer, download an Android emulator. Setup an Alight Motion PC using the steps below.
  • The first step is to download BlueStacks for your computer. It is available for download at this location:
  • You’ll be requested to sign in with your device’s Google account after running the emulator.
  • When the APK file has been downloaded and opened in the appropriate emulator, the application will be installed.
  • Launching the application will now allow you to make animations and edit videos on your personal computer.

Alight Motion Pro installation on Bluestacks

If you have the Bluestacks software on your personal computer, installing this application is a simple process.

  • Launch the web browser of your choice.
  • Search for BlueStack.
  • You will be able to download after clicking on the Bluestacks icon.
  • After the download is complete, click here to begin the installation.
  • Open it up on your personal computer once the installation is finished.
  • The Alight motion pro apk file should then be dragged and dropped into the Bluestack program.
  • After you have successfully dragged a file into the program, you will be prompted to click here and install.


Check out some of the most crucial and fantastic features of the Alight Motion Mod App for laptops, which can be found below:

1. Animation Key frame

It is the most notable characteristic of this fascinating video editing tool for PC called Alight Motion. The word “key frame” refers to a video that is played and modified frame-by-frame. In this context, “frame” refers to the layer in which you are able to add or alter any details, such as custom elements, animations, filters, or any other specifics that you want to add or edit.

2. Blending Modes

Blending mode is another tool that allows you to add different layers to the video. These layers allow you to alter the size, shape, and any other aspect of the video that you desire. You are able to build several layers using a variety of various blending techniques with the Alight Motion APK for PC. Additionally, you now have the ability to modify the opacity of the layer.

3. Vector Graphic

You are able to construct animation videos using vector drawings by adding 2D and 3D effects, using nice colors, and using images with a minimalistic aesthetic. Alight Motion also gives you the option to add your own personal graphics and animations to your videos.

4. Video Exporting (Formats)

Alight Motion Apk for Mac also has the option to export videos in a variety of formats, which brings us to the end of our list. The export options for images and videos have been expanded to include many more file types, such as PNG, XML, JPG, GIF, and MP4 (HD).

Features of alight motion pc

PC version of the Alight Motion Mod

With the modified version of Alight Motion for Pc, you are able to take advantage of the following features:

  • Wide variety of typefaces and effects without cost.
  • The process of exporting video in a number of different formats.
  • No watermark.
  • All of the premium features, have been unlocked.
PC version of the Alight Motion Mod Features


In most cases, the answer is yes, Blue Stacks is risk-free.

If you want to run this Apk file on your computer or mac, the Blue Stacks app player is the best platform to use because it supports alight motion.

When you first start editing your project after downloading the app, you might notice that there’s a watermark for Alight Motion in the area where you are previewing it.


In conclusion, we have shown you how to quickly and easily install the alight Motion APK for PC on your desktop pc (MacBook or Windows). Remember that alight motion is now leading the pack among other video editing applications because of how simple and straightforward it is to use. Therefore, install this app on your device, and use the powerful editing features it possesses to give your films a more polished appearance.