How to do Transitions on Alight Motion [Easy Guide] 2024

How to do Transitions on Alight Motion

Videos are trending now, no matter on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or snack video. Everyone is more sophisticated today, and they all look glamorous. so here you learn How to Do Transitions on Alight Motion. Alight motion is the best app for making videos no doubt but how to improve its beauty so that engages your followers more and more?

Using transitions based on the alight motion can help you create a video that is not only more attractive and visually appealing but also more entertaining to watch. If you are an absolute beginner, there is no reason for you to be concerned about how to do the alight motion transition setting.

We have compiled a list of procedures that are straightforward, easy to grasp, and uncomplicated to put into practice, and anyone may use it. Helping you create a spectacular video is our goal.

What is Transition Effects?

Making your movie more interesting and appealing to watch is the key objective of utilizing transitions in it. Alight Motion makes use of a wide variety of transition effects, including Move, Smooth, and Transform, among others. For those who are just starting off and have no idea what the impacts are, there is no need for concern because we provide a definitive reference to the transition effects.

Transition In Alight Motion

The app known as alight motion is widely used for creating videos and editing videos. But are you familiar with the changeover that comes with the alight motion? If you use the alight motion app on a regular basis, you have probably already heard about the app’s upcoming shift. However, have you ever attempted it? If no! What are you holding out for exactly?

Video editors use special effects known as transitions to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of different footage in a video. If you want to build a video that is on the next level, such as move, transform, and transition, then alight motion transition is the way that you should apply because it is the most effective. You may get a free download of alight motion here if you wish to use it without a watermark.

How do a transitions on Alight Motion app?

Using a gentle motion to transition between two states is a relatively straightforward method that anyone can pick up and do with little effort. To properly complete a transition, carefully follow the step-by-step directions that are provided below.

  • You need to add images to the alight motion app as the first stage in the process. To begin adding photographs, launch the Alight Motion app that was installed on your Android device, and then click the “Add media” button.
  • Simply adding the transitions requires you to click on each image. You will need to apply transitions to each image in their own individual steps. Navigate to the menu labeled “transition,” and then apply the desired transition to each image.
  • After that, animate the video, and then watch it multiple times before exporting it.
  • You are free to make any modifications you want to the video, and then you can export it using whichever video quality you like.
  • Finally, with the help of the Alight Motion App, you have created some truly stunning transitions.

Ideas for transitions of Alight Motion

  1. A video’s transitions are among its most crucial components. It is possible to alter the atmosphere, produce the impression of motion, or bring attention to a particular object with its use.
  2. Make sure that each video and each video in a series uses the same transition. Because of this, they will integrate more naturally into one another.
  3. By always utilizing the same type of movement from one scene to the next, you may achieve a smooth transition from one scene to the next. For instance, if you want to transition from one person talking to another person talking, you should use a cut or a fade between the two scenes rather than using dissolves between the two scenes because it will give the impression that they are still at the same place rather than being in two different places.
  4. Dissolves might be overly distracting and dazzling for viewers who are attempting to pay attention, so try to limit their use as much as possible.


More than a hundred different effects are available for you to use in the projects you create with Alight Motion.

The waves are moved either inwards towards or outwards from the center of the ripple depending on the phase.

A fade is a special kind of dissolve transition that involves making a slow transition from one image to another or from one color to black.


There are a variety of tools that can be used as editors, but Alight Motion is the most effective. A movie or a picture can be given a great deal of aesthetic value by using AM’s transition effects tool. This software contains thousands of effects, so if you want your work to look even more impressive, feel free to utilize any of these effects.